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Covid-19 causes unprecedented pause in Kisumu’s real estate market

https://www.pd.co.ke/lifestyle/covid-19-causes-unprecedented-pause-in-kisumus-real-estate-market-49862/ Covid-19 causes unprecedented pause in Kisumu’s real estate marketBy Noven OwitiFriday, August 28th, 2020Recently built residential apartments at Riat Hills in Kisumu. Photo/PD/NOVEN OWITI  The prolonged impact of the pandemic on real estate business has resulted in a sharp fall in property prices in Kisumu town.Notably, the lakeside town is registering low demand for property, especially [...] Read More

Kisumu housing estates moving further from CBD

By DALTON NYABUNDI (Updated November 14th, 2013) - Nation - Read original article here. Real estate investments are moving farther away from the central business district of Kisumu as the town’s infrastructure continues to expand. As the lakeside city moves towards a 24-hour economy, land-user change is phasing out the former town plan, which designated areas close [...] Read More